Various Types of Flooring to Beautify Your Residence

The floor is the one who determines the identity of the house. Its kind was a very diverse range of prices as well as the design and requirement. For that, choose a floor to the occupancy must be careful because it will largely determine the atmosphere in the house.

1. Hardwood Floors

Since wood is a commonly used building materials. In addition to accentuate the aesthetic elements, wood also gives an impression of warmth, both indoor and outdoor in your residence.

Types of wood were manifold, such as fluffing, parquet and mosaic. Types of wood parquet and mosaic are often done to a room inside.

2. Granit and marble floors

Marble floors are generally used indoors because of its cold and strong, as well as cooling the temperature in the room. Diverse motifs and patterns make granite and marble floors great demand for the guest room and bathroom.

3. Ceramic Flooring

The tile floors are widely used in the living room and kitchen. To give the impression of natural, you may choose a white tiled floor to give the impression of warm.

4. Vinyl Flooring

The floor is very practical to change the look of the room. At the bottom there is glue that is easily glued together on a layer of stucco or tiled floors. If you are bored, you can simply remove it and replace it with another motive.

Installation is also very easy so that it can be done by you. Her treatment is also not nearly as difficult as with tiled floors. This very strong material, fireproof and water so much is also used in public buildings.

5. Carpet Floor

Carpet floor suitable for subtropical regions and normally used for sweetener Chamber with the shape of the square and circle. Because of his gentleness, this type of flooring is widely used in the bedroom and a play area for children. It’s just that, her treatment simply take the extra effort of having to use a vacuum cleaner.

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