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The Dining Room in an Open Area, Why Not?

The dining area is usually located in the building of a House, but there are some people who thus want a dining room in the rear, or side of the porch of the House. Just imagine, you’re eating out accompanied by chirping birds and around him a lot of flowers that make us feel comfortable and really enjoyed the food that is served.

When does use the land outside the dining room, there are a few things to note:

1. Dining room furniture placement

Furniture such as a fridge and dispensers are placed in the building adjoining the kitchen, so that it is easier to prepare and deal with the dining table.

2. Preparation of the weather

Because given the circumstances on the outside would make furniture and electronic equipment more prone to damage due to possible exposure to the heat and the rain. Choose furniture materials impervious to weather changes.

3. Adjustment between area verandas with dining table design.

In order to blend in harmony with the surrounding atmosphere, the selection of dining table shape is very diverse; there is round, oval, square, or rectangle.

4. Keep cleanliness and notice the lighting

Do the spraying of pesticides on a regular basis to reduce mosquitos and flies. Better do not install rugs, carpet, or similar objects under the dinner table, because it would be difficult to clean if the distortion by the leftovers or other food wastes. In addition, with positions outside the home will quickly dirty by dust.

For lighting, ensure that a distance of at least one lighting lamp lighting meters above the dining table.

5. Prepare a special trolley

It’s good to prepare a small trolley table for putting cans of crackers, a bottle of chili sauce or ketchup, extra drinking water container, bowl of rice, and so on. After eating, the trolley can be included.

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