Smart Locking Management System

The system components are equipped with Syron Lock, Portable Programmer, Smart Card, Encoder, Computer, Software and Printer.


1. Card Encoder
The Card Encoder is connected to the Pc through a standard USB port. With the hotel management software you can also issue the staff cards and guest cards. Fast read the information on staff and guest cards. Password card supported, when it is inserted, no more password is needed.

2. Portable Programmer

  • Setup Function

Portable Programmer is connected with a PC, exchanging data. Synchronize the clock in lock. Collect all data of unlock records from the lock. Transmitting room data to the lock, including room number, public data and working time periods etc.

  • Audit Function

The Portable Programmer contains a built in real time clock, it can be used to cheek and calibrate clock on door locks. The Portable Programmer can be used to check any reason for unlocking failure. Can be exchanged information with PC through USB port of the Encoder, exchanging information with the door lock wireless.

3. Energy Saving
Getting power room card only. Shell of the switch is fire-proof material. Automatically power off with 15 second delay after removing out the card.

4. Hotel Elevator Control System
Through the hotel management software license issuing the staff card and guest cards to use elevator, unauthorized visitors can not access the elevator. Use the hotel elevator with guest card in chosen living floor and valid time. Use the hotel elevator with staff card in chosen working floor.

Key Specification / Special features:


  • Magnetic card and RF card are supported
  • With unique structure, installing and removing of lock easy
  • Electronic module installed into front panel with maximum protection for door lock, giving reliability and security
  • Lock body size can be selected, meat American and European standards
  • Exclusive ID card numbers for ensuring guest’s safety
  • Battery lifespan : for door opening, it normally can exceed 10.000 times
  • When low voltage alert, door can still be unlocked another 50 times
  • Lock can identify up to 1000 RF cards
  • Lock can save up to 512 unlock records
  • Door can be unlocked with mechanical key in case of an emergency
  • Lock can be set to neutral mode, open door by turning handle
  • When computer system down, can use emergency administrate card to issue keycard on lock directly

Technical Data:

  • Power supply : 4.5V (3AAA batteries)
  • Driving : motor and bidirectional control
  • Working temperature : -20 to 65°C
  • Dynamic power supply : about 200mA
  • Working humidity : 20 to 90%
  • Antistatic ability : >1500V
  • Low-battery alert : <3.8V
  • Material : stainless steel
  • Surface finish : brushed steel,PVD and black PVD (optional)
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