How to care for a Sofa That is clean and Comfortable

The couch is furniture that almost always exists in every home, mainly to fill the family room. The comfort of sitting on it, making the couch much favored. This also makes the couch dirty more quickly than other furniture. Under such conditions, would sit on it is no longer comfortable.

In order to keep it clean and comfortable sofas, diligent ones took care of him. Treatment couch is actually simple and don’t need to do every day, an important ongoing and done regularly.

On the couch, which is important to be always cleaned is the cover. Usually the maximum durability of cover sofa is five years. After five years, preferably on the cover sofa back. So our role in the sofa washing is important to maintain the durability of the fabric sofa.

There are two types of how to install the cover. For easy maintenance, there is a cover that can be removed from the frame of the sofa. But many also cover mounted fused with the order.

To cover that can be removed, certainly easier. You can simply remove the cover and clean it. As for the cover is not removable, you have to be diligent in cleaning it with a vacuum cleaner at least once in two weeks.

To clean sofas, like washing the fabric sofa should also note his cover material. Every material usually requires different handling. Here are some materials cover the couch, along with the way her treatment.

1. Cotton

Cotton material is fairly easy to clean. You can wash it off with water, ironed-not a problem.

2. Polyester

The ingredients of this one should not be exposed to water. The best way to clean it is to dry cleaning.

3. Silk

Silk is rarely used to cover sofas. Usually used for curtains or pillowcases. The best way to clean it is to dry cleaning.

4. Wool

Wool materials should not be washed with water. Will a safer system wash it off with dry cleaning?

5. Leather

There are two types of leather, genuine leather and synthetic leather. For genuine leather should be cleaned. For example, do the wash cloth sofa with special cleansers, usually shaped like a lotion. As for the synthetic leather, simply wipe with a dry cloth or wipe half wet.

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