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Advantages of apartment living in SOHO Concept

The concept of Small Office Home Office (SOHO) that accommodates the needs of living and working in a shelter began to be developed in Indonesia. In fact the concept of SOHO itself originally came from the area South of Houston in New York, United States. There, young people prefer to work from home as well as where they live.

Many young children become a lawyer in Singapore. To rent an Office, when the capital is lacking, can be circumvented with apartment concept SOHO.

SOHO concept appears to answer the needs of those who want to live and work in the same place. To meet the needs of professionals, executives, as well as young entrepreneurs, now developers are increasingly interested in applying the concept of combining the functions of housing and business.

A number of developers in Indonesia are now central to develop this concept. The developers say that the concept of residential SOHO intended for businessmen or professionals with different working hours, such as architects and designers. It can also be an opportunity to accommodate the needs of live and work in one space.

The design is offered, is located in the bedroom with workspace mezzanine underneath. Then, there is no limit floor space, large windows with the concept of floor-to-ceiling windows. However, the buyer can change the design of your kitchen, bedroom, living room, and the other except the bathroom. Buyers can also design freely coated with appropriate lifestyle and their own desires.

Property Observer, Ali Tranghanda of Indonesia Property Watch (IPW) said that the concept of SOHO in Indonesia its success remains to be seen. In Singapore, the concept it is much sought after as many young entrepreneurs and professionals living and working in the city centre. According to him, the success of the concept when applied fully in Indonesia needs to be seen again. However, the concept of SOHO could be a pretty good chance.

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