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How to Treat the Disease of Asbestosis Is Medically

The diagnosis is based on:

1. The availability of data about the effects of asbestos.

2. The presence of lung scarring and fibrosis detected on physical examination or perform additional tests.

3. There are no other causes, which can cause a similar clinical picture.

Tests used to diagnose asbestosis:

1. Chest x-ray – changes in the lungs are visible on the photos.

2. CT scan (CT) – a type of x-ray examination, using a computer, to create images of structures inside the body. Computed tomography has a higher resolution, from a simple x-ray film and can detect abnormality in people who are exposed to asbestos.

3. Pulmonary Tests – test, which measures functional, how well the lungs inhale and exhale. The test can show a decreased ability of the lungs to function properly.

4. Oximetry - This is a non-invasive method of assessment oxygen status.

The steps that need to be done for patients with asbestosis:

1. Preventing asbestos exposure the more.

2. Stop smoking because cigarette smoke is at risk of causing lung cancer.

3. Immediately treat colds and other respiratory infections.

4. Immunization, especially for influenza and Streptococcus pneumonia.

5. Avoid the crowds, where infection can be distributed.

6. Have regular chest x-rays, to look for signs of cancer, associated with asbestosis.

7. Oxygen therapy respiratory therapy and more, to assist breathing.

8. Improve nutrition

9. Do breathing exercises and physical.

10. Breathe pure oxygen, if necessary.

One way to treat Asbestosis is a medical way; some medical treatments that can be given are drug to launch the respiratory compromised due to asbestosis. Some types of cough medicine can also be given. Types of drugs that are commonly used to overcome disease asbestosis are as follows:

1. Bronchodilator or inhaler.

The drug is usually prescribed to patients with asthma, inhalers help relax the muscles of the Airways.

2. Administering oxygen.

Oxygen is given to assist breathing and get more oxygen is needed by the body through the lungs. Oxygen is transmitted from the tank through a plastic hose that has two prongs that fit into your nostrils.

3. Antibiotic drugs.

Antibiotic drugs can be given if sufferers of asbestosis must be treated with the surgery, antibiotics can be given to relieve pain and also to prevent the occurrence of infections.

4. Medication: Pain Reliever

Such drugs Aspirin and Tylenol can be given to reduce pain and inflammation caused by the disease asbestosis.

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