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Causes and symptoms of the disease Asbestosis

Asbestosis is true to its name, is a disease caused by asbestos dust or fibers. Asbestos powder that is inhaled through the nose we will result in lung disorders experience that results in the sufferer experiencing shortness of breath.

When asbestos materials that are cut, milled, crushed and others will result in the asbestos fibers from flying to be ejected into the air. When people inhale fibers or dust powder, this is the cause of disease of asbestosis.

The disease asbestosis itself is a condition where the formation of scar tissue on the lungs of sufferers is the result of inhaling asbestos fibers. Inhaled asbestos fibers are deposited in the lungs. And sediment that is the cause of the formation of scar tissue.

They breathe dust will enter the alveoli and ruin it. As we know that this is a bag in which the alveoli occurs an exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide. Asbestos fibers are entered on the alveoli can cause alveoli hardened and stiff. As a result the lung we would have difficulty in breathing or breathing.
Asbestos fiber itself consists of silicate mineral with the chemical composition is different. Exposure to asbestos can generally be found on the industry in the mining and milling, construction and other industries. People who work in the industry have a higher intensity for the inhalation of asbestos particles. Thus, risks for suffering from asbestosis being higher than the other.

Asbestos exposure can also occur on working families. Such exposure can occur from particles that get carried away to the home in the garment workers.

There is a lot of building materials containing asbestos fibers, few are the vinyl floor tiles, cement, brake linings and many more materials other materials. Working on the Asbestos materials in a long period of time will be the cause of disease of Asbestosis.

Symptoms of the Disease Asbestosis

Generally, symptoms of asbestosis arise gradually after the formation of scar tissue and lungs losing its elasticity. The most common symptoms in people with asbestosis are shortness of breath, inability to do heavy physical activity and the conditions will be more severe when the sufferers are also smoked. About 15% of sufferers will experience severe shortness of breath and respiratory failure.

Other symptoms in severity that further include coughing, wheezing, chest pain, and nail disorders, swelling of the neck or face, cracking sound when breathing, there is blood in the sputum and difficulty swallowing. In addition to the symptoms and the cause, you should also know that asbestos can also cause tumors in the pleural. Therefore, before a more severe condition occurs, the treatment of asbestosis you suffered should be done.

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