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Various types of Roofs of buildings

With the development of construction technology created a range of options for building or roof coverings.Setap people necessarily want a roof that is strong and functioning well. For that, the selection of the type of material and the balcony can't be indiscriminate. Besides that also ought to be taken into account is its construction. A strong and precise construction adds to confidence about the safety factor for the occupants inside.

Another matter of closing the roof material. That is a lot of variety. There are modern and there are the conventional ones. Several types of roofing material, it's include:

1. Dak Concrete
Made from a combination of cast iron and concrete. Much used in modern homes or are often known as the minimalist house. The concrete deck is strong enough withstand weather changes. Its construction was very strong.

2. Clay roof tiles
The Material is widely used in the House generally. Roof tile made of clay which pressed and burned. His strength is sufficient. Clay tile requires order for installation. Roof tiles were installed on the roof incline. Tile installation system applying inter-locking or locking and tying each other.

3. Metal Tiles
The form sheet, similar to zinc. This tile is planted on a beam Purlin roof frame, using the screws. Another form of roof tile sheets. Installation is not much different with clay roof tiles.

4. Asphalt roof shingles
Meterial material on this one from a mixture of asphalt and other chemicals. There are two models available in the market. First, the flat model resting on the stick on multiplex order. Multipelks and order associated with the help of screws. Asphalt tile glued to the Board. Second, the model for the kind of bumpy, he simply screwing on the Purlin beams.

5. Ceramic Tile
The basic ingredients of this ceramic tile is fixed, yet has experienced the process of finishing the glazing. available in a variety of colors and sizes. The application is suitable for modern residential balcony roof. This tile is resting on a wooden frame and concrete.

6. Glass Tile
Installation of this material only on certain parts of the roof. If you prefer natural lighting, use a glass tile in that section. Generally rarely mounted on the front of the House because it did not fit. The size of the tile glass tile is the same as in General.

7. Fabric Tarps
The application not only on the roof of a balcony, but suitable also for window canopy. Materials made of plastic sheeting and solid fabrics, as well as elastic. Fabric attached and resting on an iron frame. The hook using the screw that attaches firmly to the wall. In a manner similar to the screen installation, roof sheeting fabric easily removed or installed.

With the increasing choice of roof in various buildings, you can now match it with the needs, both in terms of cost, the concept of the building, as well as in terms of its aesthetic.This, giving more leeway for you to build Your dream residence.
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